Franck Bonneau

Born in 1971 in Paris, Franck grows up in the artistic district of Montmartre surrounded by painters, portraitists and caricaturists. He spends hours observing the artists of the Place du Tertre impressed by their white pages and canvases that evolve to give shape and relief to their final drawings.

He leaves Paris to study and become a zinc roofer and worker in the Franche-Comté region. His works in zinc, copper, and lead now adorn the roofs of his region. He learns technical drawing and perfected himself in the design and realization of zinc works of art.

He realizes his first drawings and reproductions of portraits on coins and medals. In 2000, his talents were noticed by the municipality of the city of Dole who entrusted him with orders of commemorative medals, including a portrait of the famous Louis PASTEUR– a French biologist and chemist renowned for his discoveries of vaccination, microbial fermentation, pasteurization and first vaccine for rabies.

Franck, however, wants to work on a larger scale, much larger, and this time on a different medium.For the past twenty years, Franck Bonneau indulges in his passion for Land Art and takes height.

He transposes portraits, drawings in ephemeral monumental visuals in meadows and other natural sites with full respect of the environment

In 2013, for the five-year anniversary of the classification of 12 sites of the Vauban Network, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, he creates a 9 800 m2 (11,721 yd2) portrait of Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, the French military architect of Louis XIV, on the lawn of Thise aerodrome.

In 2014, his friend Michel GRANGER -painter and artist- entrusted him with his “EARTH” drawing that he reproduced on 15,225 m2 of lawn (18,209 yd2)- his biggest current achievement!

In 2015, he adapted on 10 925 m2 (13,066 yd2) the drawing of Michel GRANGER “Le Trac”- this character which appears on the cover of the album “EQUINOXE” of the French composer and performer of electronic music Jean-Michel JARRE.

Fan of the great Charlie Chaplin and with the authorization of the Chaplin family, he realizes in 2016 for the 95 years anniversary of the release of the movie “The kid”, a giant portrait of 11,340 m2 (13,563 yd2) of Charlie Chaplin.

In 2018, he offers to the Chaplin’s World Museum site a portrait of Chaplin that he made on a steel plate.  It is currently exhibited in a room in Ban Manor in Switzerland, where Charlie Chaplin lived his last twenty-five years.

Landscapes, portraits or drawings on metals or on lawn: fly over the universe of Franck Bonneau an exceptional “outsized” artist ….

Text and English translation by: Émilie Brion